A.P.C. Spring/Summer 2024 Pre-Collection | An Ode to Musical Legends

A.P.C., the iconic fashion house led by creative mind Jean Touitou, recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection, drawing inspiration from the musical roots of the 1970s. In this latest release, the brand pays homage to two legendary figures—Debbie Harry of Blondie and Lou Reed, both influential musicians known for their distinctive styles.

The Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection is a testament to A.P.C.’s commitment to everyday minimalist styles infused with the chic allure of glamping. Touitou’s keen eye for detail and appreciation of musical history shines through, creating pieces that resonate with the soul.

For its menswear line, A.P.C. channels the spirit of Lou Reed, known for his timeless and minimalist approach to clothing. Touitou acknowledges the universal influence of Reed’s style, characterized by simplicity and profound expression. Faux leather jackets, water-repellent trench coats, stonewashed black denim, and more define the menswear collection, echoing Reed’s ability to convey deep emotions with strikingly simple elements.

For the womenswear line, the collection reflects the charismatic style of Debbie Harry. Touitou marvels at her ability to exude desirability without succumbing to objectification. The womenswear line mirrors this sentiment, embodying light-hearted everyday elegance. Floral dresses, Western-leaning denim, black wool crepe dresses, and serene tees form a collection that captures the spirit of Harry’s ambivalent allure.

The A.P.C.’s Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection is available now, both in-store and from the A.P.C. website. In the meantime, check out Jean Touitou’s collection in the gallery, offering a glimpse into the soulful expressions of two musical legends.


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