Acne Studios Par Frederic Malle, A Unisex Olfactory Feast

In a significant stride merging the realms of fashion and fragrance, Acne Studios, the esteemed Swedish fashion house, embarks on an unprecedented olfactory journey. Partnering with the iconic fragrance house Frederic Malle, Acne Studios introduces its inaugural fragrance, the ‘Acne Studios par Frederic Malle.’ Marking a momentous occasion, this collaboration underscores Acne Studios’ commitment to pioneering creativity and absolute artistic freedom.

The genesis of ‘Acne Studios par Frederic Malle’ lies in the visionary minds of Jonny Johansson, founder, and creative director of Acne Studios, and the illustrious Frederic Malle. Embracing an avant-garde approach, the collaboration epitomizes a fusion of fashion, perfumery, and art. Crafted by the talented Suzy le Helley, the fragrance encapsulates a unisex allure, captivating both men and women with its enchanting bouquet.

This exclusive fragrance embarks on a sensory voyage, unveiling layers of olfactory delight. With top notes boasting pink aldehydes, violet, and orange flowers, the scent evokes the crispness of clean laundry and the vibrancy of sun-kissed fields. Transitioning gracefully, heart notes of vanilla and peach interplay, infusing a touch of fruity sweetness into the composition. The fragrance culminates in a base of sandalwood, incense, and musk, adding depth and masculinity to its allure.

The new perfume comes in a clear bottle with a gold Frederic Malle and Acne Studios joint logo on top of the black, circular cap.

Scheduled for release on April 17th, ‘Acne Studios par Frederic Malle’ will debut exclusively at Acne Studios and Frederic Malle boutiques across Europe. It is available in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml, and is priced at $295 USD and $470 USD, respectively. To be notified when the new scent drops, interested parties can sign up at the official Acne Studios website.


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