Volkswagen California 6.1, A New Era Of Luxury Camping Comes In Five Trims

In the world of adventure and exploration, there exists an icon: the Volkswagen California camper van. Synonymous with freedom, versatility, and the spirit of the open road, this legendary vehicle has undergone a remarkable evolution with the introduction of the latest generation – the Volkswagen California 6.1.

Since its debut in 2003, the Volkswagen California has captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling camper vans globally. In 2025, Volkswagen unveils its most innovative iteration yet, promising to redefine luxury camping experiences for a new generation of adventurers.

Crafted on the extended version of the Multivan platform, the California 6.1 sets a new standard with dual sliding doors, enhancing flexibility and accessibility. Individual rear seats replace the traditional bench, simplifying transportation of items like bicycles. The pop-up roof now includes additional windows, all equipped with mosquito nets. The iconic pop-up roof remains a hallmark feature across all five trims: Beach, Beach Tour, Beach Camper, Coast, and Ocean, offering options tailored to diverse camper needs.

Beach: The entry-level model features a classic pop-up roof, individual rear seats, and a manual setup, providing seating for six in a 2+2 configuration. Ideal for weekend getaways, it embodies the essence of the California spirit.

Beach Tour: This trim adds enhanced comfort features like swiveling front seats, lighting in the pop-up roof, and a 5.0-inch control screen in the C-pillar, perfect for extended travel adventures.

Beach Camper: Designed for functionality, it offers a five-seat configuration and an ‘extremely compact’ mini-kitchen with a single gas burner. It is ideal for gourmet meals or cozy nights under the stars.

Coast: With a four-seat layout and fully-equipped kitchenette, including cabinets, sink, refrigerator, and stovetop, the Coast trim provides comfort and practicality for remote wilderness explorations or seaside retreats.

Ocean: This is the flagship trim, boasting fancier interior materials, heated front seats, and additional storage space in the roof. It ensures a luxurious camping experience for cross-country road trips or weekend getaways.

Under the hood, the California 6.1 offers three powertrain options: a 150 hp turbo diesel, a 204 hp turbo petrol, and a groundbreaking 245 hp plug-in hybrid. This hybrid model, coupled with the 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system, ensures versatility for both urban escapades and off-grid adventures, setting a new standard in luxury camping.

Pre-sales for the new Volkswagen California 6.1 are set to begin in June, with pricing details yet to be unveiled. While California remains unavailable in its namesake state, Volkswagen enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate its arrival in European markets, with deliveries expected in the latter half of this year. For more information, please visit the official Volkswagen website.


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