Cleansing Bar by Tom Ford

Old world tradition meets new world glamour with this deluxe soap on a rope that lathers up easily and rinses off quickly without drying the skin. What without drying the skin? You don't say. I'm going to have to order...

Old world tradition meets ...

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The Scent: He Wood by Dsquared

Identical twins Dean and Dan Caten, creators of the Dsquared, have released their scents for men and women.  Guys, be glad that He Wood for Men is much more appealing than 90% of the colognes out there.

It was released in September with a launch party to match.  Guys and Gals were introduced with young men and women with more information about two scents.  Plus, they even commented on the scents you were wearing as you came in.

The Cologne: Givenchy Pi Neo

I saw snow hit the Northeast yesterday and I thought to myself - "Shit. I hope people aren't still wearing summer colognes."  Well let's hope you're not.  If you are still shopping for the perfect cologne to blend with your...

I saw snow hit the Northea...

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Jack Black: Deep Detox

Just when clean & clear just isn’t doing it, there comes a company that really knows what men need in terms of facial cleansing and grooming.  Jack Black has an array of products, but nothing stood out more to us than the Deep Detox Clay Mask/Spot Treatment.

It dries up blemishes, purifies skin, and sets it up for the closest shave ever.

Do it Right: The Perfect Shave

Do it Right:  The Perfect Shave

Don’t know what you did to deserve those razor cuts while shaving?  Our lucky guess is that it might be EVERYTHING.  Here are 4 helpful tips that Men’s Health put together to help you achieve the perfect shave:

1.  Pre-Shave oil.  Need we say more? Yes, we do.

Preshave oil (never tried it, right?) warms the skin, softens the beard, and helps your shaving cream adhere and stay moist longer, says Eric Malka, cofounder of The Art of Shaving.

2.  Brush Up.

Fingers aren’t designed to make lather. Use a brush (badger hair is best). Run it under hot water. Circular motion raises the hairs and exfoliates.

3.  Switch Directions.

For a big-date shave, go with the grain once, reapply cream, and go lightly against the grain.  We here at PorHomme use Gillette’s The Best a Man Can Get Fusion razor.

4.  The aftershave.

You’ve removed skin, so help what’s left recover with aftershave balm with essential oils and no alcohol. It’ll soothe and moisturize. Ignore the commercials—rub it in, don’t slap it on.