Beams Plus x MR. PORTER Winter 2015 Collection

Japan-based fashion label Beams has grown into a popular retail brand in Japan, and its rugged menswear line, Beams Plus, is especially popular overseas as well. Just recently, they released a new collection of men's staples for the Winter 2015...

Japan-based fashion label ...

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Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vests for BEAMS

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vests for BEAMS - Fall/Winter 2012

Wyoming-based Rocky Mountain Featherbed recently teamed up with Japan’s BEAMS for this small lineup of men’s vests for the upcoming F/W 2012 season. The pieces range in fabric from nylon and cotton to leather and denim with hints of corduroy and other fine textures. Look for the pieces to drop in the months ahead through select outposts include Beams. (via Selectism)

In Stock | Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2011

In Stock | Beams Plus Spring/Summer 2011Outside Japan, we don’t see Beams Plus hit many stockists and if they do, American buyers are usually shit out of luck. Sweden shop Tres Bien has taken stock of the Japanese brand’s Spring 2011 offerings so you should head over there to see what’s still up for grabs. Some of the pieces worth checking out include the double breasted blazer with polka dot detailing as well as the hooded “Alligator” parka that’s based on an old coat from US-bran Alligator that was around in the 50-60s.

Shop Beams Plus at Tres Bien Shop.

In Stock | Beams Plus Camo and Tartan Bow Ties, Spring 2011

In Stock | Beams Plus Camo and Tartan Bow Ties, Spring 2011

Inventory has taken stock of a pair of bow ties from Japan’s Beams Plus. The camo fabric bow tie is not as overbearing as we’d expect it to be and really works well as a summer accessory, primarily because it’s lightweight and really brings the military movement full circle. The tartan fabric bow tie is much more versatile and is definitely a print that we don’t ever see going out of style.

Both pieces are made in Japan with the utmost detail. We don’t expect the Stockroom to have these for long though as they’ll probably fly out the door once folks get a wind of this.