Por Homme Trench by Stock Manufacturing

Por Homme Trench by Stock Manufacturing

In collaboration with Chicago-based Stock Manufacturing, we introduce to you this trench coat. It’s our first jump into design and we’re really excited to get it out on the market and see how it’s received. Stock gave us the option to pick any garment we wanted and I decided to go with a high quality, any-season trench as it’s one of the most essential garments a man can own.

It comes in a trimmed down fit which flows nicely with the overall minimalistic design. The mid-thigh length was key here as was going with a weather-resistant fabric. I wanted to deliver something that was versatile and I’m really confident in the finished product. Blend the details with the old-world tailoring techniques and the finest Japanese fabric and you’ve got a must-have for any man’s closet.

This piece will be sold exclusively through Stock Manufacturing, for two weeks only. After the next 14 days, the team in Chicago will produce what was ordered, and that’s it. This exact piece will never be available again. So, click through, check it out, and if you dig it – buy. Any questions / concerns / comments, please reach out to me directly if needed — [email protected]

The Gift | Mack Weldon ‘Sock Drawer’ Pack

The Gift | Mack Weldon 'Sock Drawer' Pack

Anyone that knows me also knows I love socks and colorful/eccentric ones at that. Mack Weldon‘s fairly new on the scene but they’re looking to do men’s basics right and boy are they off on a great start. Their offerings range from underwear and undershirts to tees and socks, all infused with high-quality fabrics, some forward-thinking tech detailing and an outstanding fit.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Find the undershirt that’s comfortable and doesn’t bunch up on you or expose itself when you’re wearing a button-down sans tie. Socks need to be bought with the comfort of knowing they won’t slouch and will provide the right amount of cushion and support throughout the entire day. Each piece is engineered to promote comfort, mobility, moisture and odor management, and recovery. With a specially formulated 18-hour jersey fabric, underwear and undershirts retain their shape after repeated wear and wash with a minimal amount of shrinkage.

Essential | The Superior Labor Socks

Essential | The Superior Labor Socks

There’s just something about freezing your toes off that turns me off to the entire winter months. There’s plenty of gear available to help insulate our bodies but very few brands are dishing out the goods to protect our toes from frost bite. I’m really talking extremes here but it’s good to know that a brand like The Superior Labor is looking to deliver the entire package. Their socks are hand made from thick polyester polyurethane in Japan and with the utmost care. The colorways are phenomenal as well as they will surely add some color to your muted winter ensembles.

hard graft ‘Driftwood’ Square1 Holdall

hard graft 'Driftwood' Square1 Holdall

hard graft can do no wrong as they’ve been one of most consistent leather goods makers of our time. They’ve dropped a few new pieces as part of their Driftwood collection, with the Square1 holdall leading the pack. It features a combination of fine Italian suede and vegetable tanned leather, complimenting the brand’s iconic styles of leather and wool felt. Expect this piece to be a perfect companion for your day to day excursions or your next getaway.

First Look | GANT Rugger Homerun Jacket for Fall 2011

First Look | GANT Rugger Homerun Jacket for Fall 2011Photography by Por Homme

I recently had the opportunity to stop in at GANT‘s West Village location on Bleecker Street. I was tipped off to the fact that though it’s not available online yet, the New York locations have taken limited stock of the label’s Homerun varsity jacket for Fall 2011. This one’s a killer, folks. If you thought last year’s offering was amazing, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate this one. It comes in bright red herringbone with cream leather sleeves. The shell’s broken in, too, as you’ll see marks and detailing on the sleeves that’s unique to each piece. It’s unlined and the fit is immaculate. I tried it on and instantly fell in love. You won’t see this jacket online for another two weeks but if you’re in the city, be sure to stop in and check it out. Leave a size Small for me though. Thanks.

Levi’s Made & Crafted | Canvas Tote Bag

Levi's Made & Crafted Canvas Tote Bag

The next few weekends of summer will be filled with city trips, beach trips and maybe a few getaways as well so where are you tossing all your essentials when you need to be on the go? A tote seems like a logical choice and this canvas-shelled bag from Levi’s Made & Crafted is a winner. It features leather trimming and a roomy main console that can fit everything you’ll need on your day out.

Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirts for S/S 2011

Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirts for S/S 2011

Steven Alan’s known for his impeccable shirts, in fact, they’re my personal favorites. The fit and construction are unmatched and the prints have been great season-over-season. For the current season, the New York designer drops several new designs of his signature Reverse Seam shirt. The shirt features a twisted placket, slightly tailored body, and French seams at the side as well as a reversed inside pocket.

Introducing | Ribbed Tee’s Retro Fit V-neck Undershirt

Introducing | Ribbed Tee Retro Fit V-Neck Undershirt

Valet introduces us to Ribbed Tee, makers of 50/50 poly cotton undershirts that take inspiration from Towncraft 50/50 undershirts. The deadstock vintage tees still fetch a ton of money on forums and eBay and were a staple of department stores in the 80s and 90s. Ribbed Tee’s founder, Mike Schwartz, recently introduced their Retro Fit V-neck that’s made in the US from a soft, loose knit 50/50 jersey material and feels really broken in out of the packing. The fit’s trimmed without being clingy and features a generously cut collar that’s easy to hide under your button down.

Essential | Work Bags at MR PORTER

Essential | Work Bags at MR PORTER

The bag in your hand says a lot about you no matter where you are in your life. If you happen to commute to work on the regular and don’t have a bag that means business, it’ll be hard for you to be taken seriously by your peers and that’s the harsh reality of it. Here are a few options from MR PORTER that we think are worth checking out.