Now Online | Instagram Web Profiles

In a not-so surprising move, Instagram has rolled out web profiles for all users, allowing your friends (and stalkers) to check you out via desktop or mobile browser. This is great for folks that want to share their profile via...

In a not-so surprising mov...

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New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

Earlier today, Justin Timberlake tweeted a link to this teaser of the New MySpace to his 13+ million followers. The site, now been acquired by Specific Media for 15 months and partially owned by JT himself, gets a complete makeover and the aesthetics and user flow seem to take inspiration from two other social networks – Facebook and Tumblr. Users will be able to login via Facebook or Twitter with the option to bring photos or other information with them so you don’t need to build from unless you want to. Status updates look similar to the mobile app Path, with photos largely displayed and user comments showing up underneath. There’s also a music component which allows you to browse albums, find popular songs and artists and more. Want access? Get in line at

Introducing | The New

Introducing | The New

From Hodinkee, the online publication that brought you a completely new and fresh perspective on what you read about watches, comes a site redesign that will change how you read it. We’ve seen sites go through redesigns in the past but the difference here is that Hodinkee really put their users first and branched every single alteration from that. The new is what every “online magazine” should look like. At the top of the page, there’s a full-width image that corresponds with the most recent post and updates as you navigate through categories and brands. The fun doesn’t stop there as users are blessed with a new top navigation bar that allows users to access some of the site’s most exclusive and popular content in one click through the Plus(+) drop down. You can now search through categories and popular brands. Yep, want to see all of Hodinkee’s news on IWC? Look for Popular Brands in the top navigation and you’re there.

These are just a few of the several enhancements has brought with their latest redesign. There’s an intro video below worth checking out before you dig into the finest watch content on the planet.

Introducing | Levi’s Vintage Clothing Website

Introducing | Levi's Vintage Clothing Website

The new Levi’s Vintage Clothing website launched today, giving us direct access to the entire LVC collection. Beyond being able to run through all the LVC goods your eyes can handle, the site also offers up some knowledge on the iconic 501 jeans, history of the Levi’s brand, and see some images from the Levi’s historical archives, all in one place. Aesthetically, the site is really one of the most appealing brand sites we’ve come across in recent times. The LVC design team did all the illustrations for the products and the final result is really something special. We’d expect nothing less from these guys.

Say Hello to GigLocator

Josh Spear turns us to GigLocator, a smart site that's sure to change the way we buy concert tickets. "Our intelligent system is able to match you to the gigs that'll interest you, the more gigs you attend, the better...

Josh Spear turns us to Gig...

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User-Submitted Gallery of Bicycles at Boutique Cycles

boutique-cycles-affinity-masterpiece-main is a user submitted gallery dedicated to custom and boutique bikes. Two bike enthusiasts from Sydney, Australia had this bright idea and we are loving some of the submissions. Editors’ Choice awards are given to the best bikes submitted in their category, bringing some excitement to the realm.

The fixed gear bicycle pictured above is an Affinity Masterpiece and happens to be this month’s Editors’ Choice. There’s been much work put into the customization of this beauty, leaving us yearning for more goodness.

Check out Boutique Cycles for more great bikes.

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Leroy Smith: The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan


Adverblog turns us to, a site that’s dedicated to Leroy Smith, the kid that took the last spot for the varsity basketball team at Emsley A. Laney High School, leaving Michael Jordan out and quite possibily pushing him to become the basketball legend we know him to be now. There’s a whole lot going on over at the site, including a two-on-two video game, DVDs for sale and practical drills. There’s even a petition asking people so that Leroy can get inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

The site’s registrant is Nike so what should we make of this, a new Jordan shoe waiting in the wings?

Watch Leroy speak after the jump

MoMA’s newly redesigned website

MoMA has redesigned its website and added some much-appreciated features such as a blog, interactive content, and more dynamic online galleries. I have to say though that no online tour can ever match making a trip to the actual museum.  Check...

MoMA has redesigned its we...

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