Opening Ceremony M2 Piped Desert Boot


The desert boot is durable, versatile, and above all a classic piece in men’s style. The M2 Piped Desert Boot by Opening Ceremony happens to be our favorite with its leather sole and upper, as well as leather laces and a patent leather piping. The boot’s currently available in yellow and blue on Opening Ceremony’s online store. 

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opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-1 opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-2

opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-3 opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-4

opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-5 opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-6

opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-7 opening-ceremony-m2-piped-desert-boot-8


Buy It: $360 at Opening Ceremony


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