Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota’s unveiled their new FT-1 performance concept at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and looks like there’s something brewing in the high-performance cars segment for the Japanese automaker. Timing’s also interesting as it may be near-perfect for a re-release of their iconic Supra. Well, this is an EV technically, given that all it has for a powetrain is a small battery and motor to move it around on stage, and we guess that makes it all the more interesting. No word on proposed powertrain but that’s open to our imaginations.

If this is what future Toyotas will look like, then we’re excited to see and hear more. We’re even loving the car’s steering wheel and that big red button. And this is all Akio Toyoda’s, the president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, doing. He apparently challenged Toyota’s Calty Design Research team to create a car with passion and “a palpable heart-pounding sense of excitement.” Less people will be involved in the design approval process with a clean focus on producing cars that connect more deeply with customers.


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