Based on the LaFerrari, the Ferrari FXX K is the hypercar’s most unchained, track-centric version. It was unveiled at the Italian automaker’s Finali Mondiali event at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, giving us a car that’s not only extremely powerful but looks downright monstrous as well. The name comes from the Enzo-based FXX that was part of Ferrari’s client development program while this one gets an extra letter for the KERS hybrid system. That system gets upped in the FXX K when compared to the “base” LaFerrari. The electric motor pushes out 187 horsepower now while the 6.3-liter V12 produces 848 horses. That’s a total of 1,035 horses, up from 950 hp of the LaFerrari. Torque’s actually down slightly to 664 pound-feet. The FXX K also features a recalibrated electronic differential, traction control, ABS, Racing SSC (Side Slip Angle Control) and a four-mode Manetinno dial on the center console that helps drivers flip effortlessly between different electric boost levels. Beyond the performance figures, the car’s design is the LaFerrari at heart but features a few much-welcomed details. The aero package has really been improved with a two-part splitter upfront, vertical fins along the flanks, side skirts extending between the wheels, as well as a dynamic rear wing and diffuser that are as functional as they are aggressive. The end result is a vehicle that gets 50 percent more downforce, with some additional help from increased mechanical grip from the Pirelli racing slicks and carbon-ceramic brake discs. The FXX K may never enter race but it will see daylight through Ferrari’s client track program.


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