Audi A7 Piloted Concept Car

Audi rolled into CES this week from San Francisco via a long-distance test drive of their Audi A7 piloted driving concept car. The vehicle was followed along the 560-mile journey by several vehicles while a select group of journalists took turns sitting behind the wheel. Initial feedback has the piloted A7 providing a comfortable drive throughout the very real world application of the technology. The trunk was filled with a ton of tech but it all worked seamlessly with the car’s cameras, radar and laser sensors to avoid traffic, braking, and changing lanes on freeways, all without driver intervention. If a car came into its lane and was moving at a snail’s pace, “Jack”, as it’s been dubbed, would know to switch lanes and continue the desired pace. For up to 70 mph, the driver doesn’t need to step in one bit. It can do anything you’d normally do and even adapts its speed to surrounding vehicles whilst doing lane changes. If the speed and distance calculation is deemed safe, the vehicle initiates the lane change with precision and in a timely manner. Audi’s showcasing at CES this week with a focus on the car and its communication with its surroundings. Topics to be presented include new user and display interfaces, modern infotainment and new Audi connect solutions, as well as LED and laser-matrix lighting technologies. There’s another concept car set to be unveiled while footage from the piloted A7’s journey will be on display also.


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