The Art of Rebounding Described by Kevin Love

Brought to you by Chocolate Milk

When professional basketball player Kevin Love steps on the court, he knows he has one job to do. Watch as one of the biggest pros in the sport shows how rebounding and shattering records are BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.

Kevin knows that rebounding on the court is just as important as helping his body rebound and recover after a tough game. That’s why he reaches for chocolate milk for recovery. Backed by more than 20 studies, low fat chocolate milk has high-quality protein to build lean muscle and nutrients to help refuel muscles. Check out the video above to get inside the mind of Kevin Love, the newest member to join a long line-up of elite athletes who make chocolate milk their post-workout drink of choice. Find out more about how he grew up playing basketball and why he knows that 80% of rebounds are below the rim.

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