Icon’s Jonathan Ward Showcases His Watch Collection


HODINKEE caught up with Jonathan Ward, the founder of Icon 4×4 in California, about his vintage wristwatch collection.

Ward and his wife built Icon 4×4 from the ground up, inspired for a love of vintage styling mixed with the luxury of modern technology. Icon takes vintage models like Ford Broncos and Toyota FJ’s then restores them, adding features like carbon coating and modern technology to offer clients the best of both worlds.

What some people may not know is that Ward draws a lot of inspiration for his vehicles from watch designs and mechanisms. The coating on Ward’s Ventura is what lead to the coating on his Icon trucks, and his Bronco dash boards took their square shape from his Bell & Ross. Ward is a designer first and foremost so he loves looking at the detailing and precision used in the watch designs, then incorporating it into his vehicles.

Check out the interview with Ward in the video below.

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