The MB&F MusicMachine 3 is a Music-Loving Movie Geek’s Dream Come True


Our friends at HODINKEE are reporting that horological genius Maximilian Büsser and luxury music box makers Reuge are at it again. Their third collaboration, the MB&F MusicMachine 3, is both a celebration of MB&F’s (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) 10th anniversary and a homage to some of the most iconic films and TV shows in history. This micro-mechanical masterpiece is unmistakenly inspired by Star Wars’ TIE Fighter starship. The two “engines” house the rollers, studded by tiny pins that produce music by plucking a metal comb, and its winding keys. Each roller is controlled by a fan, which ingeniously uses air resistance to regulate the tempo and makes sure the music is played at a pleasing speed.

The soundbox on which the MB&F MusicMachine 3 rests is a work of art in itself. Designed in cooperation with JMC Lutherie’s Jeanmichel Capt, maker of high-end guitars, the soundbox serves as an amplifying chamber. Its wood base is made from 350-year old spruce trees, whose slow growth in the very cold climate makes for superior acoustic transmission quality.

The MB&F MusicMachine 3 plays the themes of Star Wars, James Bond, Mission: Impossible, The Godfather, The Persuaders, and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. Only 99 will be made: 33 in black, 33 in white, and 33 in chrome, and each will cost between $18,000 to $19,000.

For more details, and to get yours, visit the MB&F website here.

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