Gear Patrol Introduces 2015 GP100, This Year’s Greatest Products


Gear Patrol has recently introduced the 2015 GP100, a list of the year’s 100 greatest products. Presented by Eddie Bauer, the GP100 is Gear Patrol’s recognition of products that value both “subtlety and awesomeness equally.” Glancing at the list, it’s obvious they didn’t just pick the flashiest gear of the year – instead, they carefully chose products that had fantastic ideas behind them, and pursued those ideas to their full potential.

The picks in the 2015 GP100 are divided into 8 categories: home gear, motoring, spirits, outdoor gear, sports gear, style, tech, and watches. Check out all the winners in Gear Patrol’s 2015 GP100, with an in-depth look at every single one, here.


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