Lytro Immerge, A Professional Light Field Solution for Cinematic VR


Lytro, makers of Light-field cameras, recently announced a concept that that just take virtual reality to a whole new level: The Lytro Immerge, The Lytro Immerge is a concept Light-field camera system that enables “six degrees of freedom”for cinematic VR experiences. Coming with a light field camera array, a server, a VR video editor, and a playback engine, the system will allow for stitchless videos, precise parallaxes, multiple perspectives, and depth data embedded in every frame.

Content captured by the Lytro Immerge will be playable on high-end headsets and mobile platforms. But as exciting as all of this sounds, it’s still a concept, and we’ll all have to wait for its release next year to really see what it’s capable of. In the meantime, you can sign up to apply for prototype access here.


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