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Ace Hotel x REVISIT Metal-Detailed iPhone 6 Cases

Ace Hotel x REVISIT iPhone 6 Cases-01

Ace Hotel has revisited its collaborative partnership with REVISIT with these new metal-detailed iPhone 6 cases. The Ace Hotel x REVISIT iPhone cases are actually a follow-up on the pair’s brass iPhone 5 cases they released last year. The new collection features brass-detailed and anodized aluminum-detailed cases in multiple colorways.

Of course, you can’t just slip your iPhone into these beauties. They’re affixed together by four screws and a special REVISIT screwdriver, all of which come with your purchase. Each Ace Hotel x REVISIT iPhone 6 case is expertly handcrafted in Los Angeles and Michigan. Available for all iPhone 6 variants, the handsome cases can be yours for US$125 or US$135 via REVISIT’s online shop.

And in case you didn’t know, REVISIT donates 25% of their profits to supporting National Parks. Check out their supported efforts here.