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HODINKEE Interviews Manager William Massena in Latest ‘Talking Watches’ Episode

HODINKEE Interviews William Massena-01

In the latest episode of HODINKEE’s Talking Watches, we’re given a glimpse into the life of William Massena, long-time manager and “enforcer” of the forum. In the entertaining, educational video, we learn about how William’s love affair with watches started out “late,” as well as the various watches he loves and the history behind them.

In Ben Clymer’s interview, William reveals his special affinity for military watches, such as the Tudor Submariner for the Marine Nationale. He also gives some sage advice on why all young people should get a military watch.

In perhaps one of the most interesting moments in the interview, William compares the watch industry now with what it used to be in previous decades. He tells us what he likes about it, what he doesn’t, and what he would like to see in the future.

And lastly, William reveals an unexpected aspiration of his when it comes to owning watches. The revelation is quite surprising for a watch aficionado who has owned nearly every Rolex and has kept his favorites for nearly 20 years, and in hindsight, should also be an aspiration all of us should have with watches.

Click below to watch the full Talking Watches interview, and visit HODINKEE for an in-depth look at all of William Massena’s favorite watches featured in the video.

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