Samsung’s Gear 360 is a Dual-Lens Camera Ripe for VR

From Samsung comes their Gear 360, a dual-lens camera that captures stunning 360 video via front and rear lenses, each capturing 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Blend footage from the two fisheye lenses and you’ve got a seamless view. On the outside, the sphere’s very minimal, with menu, record, and power buttons alongside a tiny monochrome PMOLED screen. The hidden microSD slot supports up to 128GB of external memory while there’s also a spot for a swappable battery. Footage quality is solid, giving us two 15 megapixel sensors capturing 3840×1920 video at 30 fps and an f/2 aperture for strong low-light performance. The camera’s splash proof and dust resistant, so you can get pretty adventurous. For Samsung Galaxy owners, everything’s pretty effortless as you can upload the footage to your smartphone and then view on your Gear VR headset. And now that Facebook’s supporting 360 video content, things should get more interesting there as well. Check out the video below to see the Gear 360 at work and expect it to release in the second quarter of this year.


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