53 Billion-Pixel Image Shows New Bentley Mulsanne in Extraordinary Detail

This is unreal. Bentley’s leveraged NASA technology to create this 53 billion-pixel photo of their new Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase coasting on the Golden Gate Bridge. By stitching together 700 separate photos using NASA’s panorama stitching technology — the same tech used to create panoramas of Mars shot by the Curiosity rover — we get the opportunity to zoom in from over 700 meters right down to the individual interior stitches. This image, if printed, would essentially be the size of a football field. The project took 6 months to plan, 6 days to shoot, and 2.5 months to retouch. The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase showcased is a car with the rear passenger in mind, offering up more rear leg space, a beautiful console to control just about everything, and a bespoke Rose Gold over Magnetic duo-tone exterior paint combo paired with beautiful 21-inch wheels. Check out the 53 billion-pixel image for yourself at BentleyMotors.com/LookCloser.


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