‘House Of Fluctuations’ Is Satoru Hirota Architects’ Latest Masterpiece


Satoru Hirota Architects’ latest “House Of Fluctuations” is the perfect single-family home in Tokyo. Taking into consideration the dense environment of Japan, the design team set out to create a house that was well adapted to the collectivistic culture. “House Of Fluctuations” seeks to emphasize privacy, as it features a concrete opening that blocks sight into the entryway of the house. Expanding on the theme of space and privacy, “House Of Fluctuations” offers dwellers the ability to move around in a spacious and curated environment. Every article of furniture has been selected attentively: from the wood grain tables and doors, to the minimal-style lamps, and the exterior and interior earthy tones. This is sure to be a comforting palace in a bustling city. Check out the gallery above or visit Saturo Hirota Architect’s official webpage. 


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