CES 2020 | Sony’s VISION-S Concept Car Will Never See The Light of Day

Sony’s VISION-S concept car was on display at CES 2020, a well-executed prototype aimed at showing all the different tech the brand’s doing so well. It’s not something we’ll be seeing on the road but any auto manufacturer not already working with Sony on tech components may want to consider. Inside the VISION-S are a range of sensors and infotainment equipment, ranging from CMOS camera imaging to the widescreen display that runs across the dash. There are a total of 33 sensors inside and out, including solid state lidar and radar and the CMOS camera imaging previously mentioned. Lexus and Toyota are already using some of these, helping to relay information to the car’s computer, helping it to locate objects and guide the car on the road. Inside, it’s got a time-of-flight sensor to monitor occupants, whether that’s for driving head tracking to ensure he or she is keeping all eyes on the road or to provide customized infotainment settings. A high-end sound system is on board here as well with speakers in every seating position.

Sony’s confirmed it moves and features two electric motors, each churning out 268 horsepower. The Vision-S Concept can go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds and tops out at 149 mph. It’s nearly as long as a Tesla Model S and slightly wider. With no plans of production, we’ll just have to enjoy it in photos.


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