Daniel Arsham’s 3020 Exhibition Kicks Off in Paris

Daniel Arsham’s “Paris 3020″ exhibition is set to open at Galerie Perrotin, the first of many shows the artist’s hosting this year. Featured will be a range of eroded large-scale sculptures inspired by classical busts, friezes, and antiquity gleaned from museum collections including molds and scans from the Réunion des Musées Nationaux — “a 200-year-old French molding atelier that reproduces masterpieces for several of Europe’s major encyclopedic museums.” The presentation’s an extension of the artist’s ongoing Fictional Archaeology series that looks to “compress time, at once referencing the past, informing the present, and reaching towards a crystallized future.”

Paris 3020 will be on display at Galerie Perrotin from January 11th to March 21st.


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