5 Ways To Make Christmas Special This Year

When most people picture the perfect Christmas Day it traditionally features a beautifully decorated Xmas tree, twinkling lights, a stack of gift-wrapped presents and luxury Christmas cards as the staple decorations.Add a festive feast and the company of family and friends and you have a Christmas that is enjoyable and memorable.

By tweaking the basics, it’s possible to elevate this celebrated season into an extra special event this year…

  1. Choose A Festive Theme

When you’re trying to decide on a stylish theme for your season of festive cheer and goodwill, luxury Christmas cards typically provide a great starting point. To make Christmas special this year, choose a card design that features your favourite decoration elements and colours. If you go bespoke, you can add gorgeous and decadent embellishments like metallic foils and stamping to make your Xmas cards really stand out.

Once you’ve selected your favourite Xmas card design, it’s easy to create a Christmas decorating theme for your home. Use the design for inspiration, and pick out some accessories that perfectly complement. For instance, a traditional design that showcases a stunning photographic or illustrated winter wonderland scene can be replicated in a decorating theme that includes luxurious white and cream fabrics, evergreen garlands and wreaths, and snow glittered pine cones.

  1. Make It Homemade

To make Christmas even more special this year, get the whole family involved in crafting and baking. Gather together the generations of your family, and unite in making homemade ornaments to decorate the Xmas tree. Festive crafting with your kids, extended family or friends is a great way to bond and to create meaningful memories.

Clear acrylic ornaments that can be filled with sparkly tinsel, in your themed colours, make super-easy ornamental decorations that can be hung up on the tree from a loop of curling ribbon, or displayed in a large bowl on the Christmas dining table.

Fill your home with the mouth-watering smell of baking by whipping up a batch of delicious homemade cookies that the kids can decorate with lashings of icing and sprinkles.

If you’re a confident baker, you can make a gingerbread house from scratch. Or alternatively, you can always buy a pre-made kit for home assembly. Decorate your ornate and elaborate gingerbread construction with frosting and seasonal baking accessories, and proudly display.

  1. Spread The Christmas Love In Your Community

Not everyone has the means to enjoy Christmas on a grand and lavish scale. That’s just as well, as the spirit of Christmas is all about the sharing and caring. This year, make Christmas more special by spreading the love within your local community.

You can spread the Christmas love by including other people in some of your family’s traditions. Ask your neighbours to join you when you go door-to-door Christmas carolling, or visit a local nursing home as a group of singing well-wishers.

Get the family together and offer your volunteering services at a homeless shelter, or donate your time to a local charity. If you have good quality items that you no longer want or need, consider donating them to a local charity that can recycle them as gifts for sale. As many retail luxury Christmas card makers also donate some of their sale profits to worthwhile Christmas charities, you can contribute by shopping with community charity in mind.

  1. Go On A Christmas Lights Tour

No matter whether you live in the city, a town or in a countryside village, there is likely to be one local resident who takes great pride in decorating their home like it’s the annual Christmas lights show!

Get the family together, wrap up in cosy layers, and bundle into your car for a nighttime drive to admire the Christmas lights displays in your local area. Take a thermos flask filled with cocoa and some snacks so that you can drive around on the look out for the most spectacular Christmas lights displays.

If you live within easy reach of a landmark Christmas lights display that’s on show in a big town or city, you’ll be in for a treat. Take photos of the best displays to feature in a special Christmas themed photo album.

  1. Create Special Memories With New Traditions

While many people tend to stick to classic Christmas traditions and customs, you can make the festive season special this year by choosing to create new ones.

It’s a lovely idea to create special memories on the days leading up to Christmas Day. Keep young children enthralled and entertained with stories that you make up on the spot, while you’re all drinking marshmallow topped hot chocolate and wearing cosy PJs.

Older children will love to stay up late watching favourite Christmas movies together during a movie marathon night.

Make it a new family tradition to host a special annual Talent Show on the weekend before Christmas Day. Encourage all family members to take turns performing their talent for the rest of the clan. The audience can rate each act and award a prize to the most talented performer.

Invite socially reluctant teenagers to join you belting out a medley of favorite Christmas songs at the Christmas Eve family karaoke. Or plan a game of festive musical charades and get the kids to play a variety of popular Christmas songs on unique homemade instruments, for the adults to guess.

And if you’re super organised, you can mail out the invitations to your pre-Xmas get-togethers with your luxury Christmas cards.Accept Reject


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