Daily Paper Launches Its Sustainable Protect Paradise Collection

Daily Paper joins the call to preserve the beautiful African island of Mauritius as it debuted their Protect Paradise collection. Inspired by the nature and inhabitants of Mauritius, the line showcases rich rainforest prints and warm earth tones and utilizes environment-friendly materials and sustainable production strategies. 

The preservation efforts of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation were a point of inspiration as well as they look to restore the forests. The NGO has saved the Mauritius kestrel, the pink pigeon, and the echo parakeet from the brink of extinction. 

The collection includes bucket hats, swim shorts as well as bags and jerseys. All of its jerseys were developed using 100% organic cotton printed with low-impact ink and natural dyes. 

Daily Paper’s Protect Paradise line is now live online at dailypaperclothing.com and is available through global retailers and Daily Paper flagship stores in New York City, Amsterdam, and London. 


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