The Every Is Taking A Bold, Sustainable Approach To Hair Care And We Like It

It seems like we’re seeing a new haircare brand pop up every month. But once in a while, we come across a brand that’s actually worth checking out. The Every is one of those brands and they’re creating clean, potent products that deliver results. The Sweden-based brand’s bold in their approach and that goes well beyond their marketing. Each bottle of shampoo or conditioner or volumizer features highly concentrated active ingredients and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. A lot of other brands are also shifting to ingredients that are free from sulphates and parabens but it’s impressive how The Every is still infusing their products with impact at the same time.

The Every is also partially about finding a blend that fits your needs. With their suite of offerings ranging from shampoos and conditioners to dry options and repairing infusions, you can combine however you want for the desired effect.

Shop the goods through The Every website now.


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