Samsung 2D/3D Monitor | 3D Monitor Revolutionizing Gaming and VR Shown at CES 2024

Samsung recently teased its latest innovation at CES 2024, the tentatively named Samsung 2D/3D Monitor. Touted to push the boundaries of futuristic gaming experience, it breaks away from the confines of traditional VR headsets and promises to redefine the gaming landscape with its glasses-free 3D technology.

For gaming aficionados, the Samsung 2D/3D Monitor boasts eye and head tracking capabilities, making it compatible with existing VR games, including Steam VR. Samsung is actively collaborating with renowned game publishers to enhance the gaming experience further. The monitor’s ability to create 3D effects, even for 2D content, adds an extra layer of immersion. While AI processing handles these effects, Samsung promises a gaming experience that transcends conventional expectations.

Also revealed was The Link, a bold step in gaming monitor design, prioritizing aesthetics and easy setup for the ultimate ultraslim desktop video wall effect. Samsung’s vision for a monitor that looks good in multiples comes to life with The Link’s ability to connect seamlessly to its siblings via POGO pins. This innovative daisy-chaining setup ensures a hassle-free and visually stunning multi-monitor experience.

In addition, Samsung’s Smart Monitor lineup sees an upgrade with the introduction of the successor to the 32-inch 4K Smart Monitor M70D—the Smart Monitor M80D. The stand has been redesigned, and HDR10 Plus support has been added, promising an even more vibrant and dynamic visual experience.

Availability and pricing details for the Samsung 2D/3D Monitor, The Link, and the Smart Monitor M80D were not disclosed at CES 2024, though Samsung is expected to give more information later this year.


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