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Spotify In Talks To Acquire SoundCloud

Spotify is reportedly interested in buying out the music streaming giant SoundCloud. If this deal goes through, not only will Spotify gain a huge asset in SoundCloud, but they will also be digging further into the marketshare of streaming services - much of…

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Ferrari Gives The GTC4Lusso An Upgrade

Ferrari introduced the all-wheel-drive hatchback Ferrari FF in 2011, dubbing it "the most versatile Ferrari ever." We saw them upgrade that model last year with the GTC4Lusso by adding more space and comfort than the FF model. Ferrari sought to push the limits…

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Defy Gravity In The Elysium Chair

Marketed as “the chair that neutralizes gravity,” the Elysium Chair is the result of Dr. David Wickett’s decade long research into the relationship between posture and gravity. The Elysium Chair was created to make the user feel weightless, freeing their body and…

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Peep The Latest Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’

If you've ever wondered what its really like getting caught between a rock and a hard place, try getting into a fistfight with ex-criminal brawler Luke Cage. With Netflix's newest Marvel series set to release its first season on September 30th, this…

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