Victorinox’s ‘Un-Hackable’ Secure Pro USB

Victorinox has dropped thumb drives before but the Secure Pro drive is the first from the company that's supposedly, "un-hackable". Victorinox actually offered a £100,000 prize to a team of "professional hackers" if they could crack the drive during...

Victorinox has dropped thu...

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Sprint 4G: HTC EVO Packs Android 2.1, Answers to Dying Company’s Prayers

Sprint 4G: HTC EVO Packs Android 2.1, Answers to Dying Company's Prayers

Sprint‘s first WiMax/4G phone has been unveiled and no one is surprised it’s by HTC. What is surprising is this beauty’s power and versatility. The Touch HD2 was a looker and had a Snapdragon processor but didn’t pack the data speeds to keep users happy. The HTC EVO is special as it’s got the aesthetics, features and the horses to really be Sprint’s savior. AT&T and Verizon can keep comparing maps, but the fact is Sprint’s had the strongest data network for quite sometime. Now, with the company promising to get their 4G to nearly 120 million people by year’s end, this is the phone of 2010. So far.

Highlight features include a 4.3-inch screen (480×800 TFT LCD), 8MP camera, as well as a front-facing camera 1.3MP camera capable of HD video recording. Under the shell is a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Google’s sleak 2.1 version of the Android OS. Oh, but wait, there’s more. The Evo is also fitted with 1GB of built-in storage, 512 RAM, HDMI output as well a kickstand for easy viewing of that 720p video. HTC’s latest creation will also work as a hotspot for up to eight devices, even your iPhone or Droid. Damn these guys. With the Nexus One and HTC Evo both coming to Sprint, other carriers might want to start paying attention.

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Apple iPad: The First Ad Premieres During Oscars

Apple iPad TV Ad During Oscars

Not only did Steve Jobs make an appearance at tonight’s Oscars, but Apple’s iPad also got some screentime. The ad is everything you’d expect from the boys in Cupertino and then some. It avoids showing the video playback in motion, which we’re not too surprised about but what was shown looked flawless. The Apple iPad is due to hit stores on April 3rd, with pre-ordering to begin in the coming days.

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The GameChanger: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

The GameChanger: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Today at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7 Series OS that looks to ditch all the work of versions past. Starting from scratch is no easy task but they have manager to Windows Mobile and brought a product that the masses may actually want to use (including us). Don’t look for the Start button because there isn’t one. Instead, the design is more like that of the Zune HD interface, but with much more depth. Along with the newly crafted home screen and user interface experience, there’s also robust Xbox LIVE and Zune integration, and freshly improved social networking tools.

Much of the focus is on social networking, but Xbox LIVE is looking to be a legit addition — LIVE games, avatars, and profiles. The Zune integration looks to be a carbon copy of the standalone device’s features (including FM radio).

Expect the 7 Series army to be a large one with carrier partnerships including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange, SFR, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telstra, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone, and  hardware partners including Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, HP, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and Qualcomm.

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Nikon S8000 [Point and Shoot]

Nikon's S8000 is a beauty. It's slim and sleek and it packs a punch. Shown above in a fresh black finish, their latest point and shoot's got a 10x zoom Nikkor lens, crisp 3-inch, 921,000-dot display and a 14 megapixel...

Nikon's S8000 is a beauty....

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Introducing: The Apple iPad, Price Starting at $499 [Apple Tablet]

The Apple iPad [Apple Tablet]

The boys in Cupertino have finally officially taken the covers off their newest device. It’ll be called the iPad, a name that’s been floating around for quite sometime. It looks great. The body’s slim, looks pretty comfy in Jobs’ hands. The OS is like an exploded version of the iPhone’s with a few cool features like ability to view YouTube in HD and an email interface with some enhanced aesthetics. Landscape and portrait view are enabled in the majority of uses. You’ve got maps, calendars, built-in iTunes Store, and iPhoto integration with events, places and faces. Movies, TV shows, music videos, audiobooks, just about everything you can watch on your iPhone, you can access through this beauty.

Hardware specs – 1.5 lbs., 0.5 inch thick with a 9.7 inch display, full capacitive multitouch, all powered by the 1GHz Apple A4 chip. Storage can be from 16GB to 64GB of flash memory. The usual suspects are all here – bluetooth 2.1 EDR, accelerometer, compass, WiFi 802.11n, microphone, and speaker. The iPad has a 10-hour battery life with a month of standby time. Wow.

Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset

Aliph, the makers of the Jawbone bluetooth headset lineup, have released their latest design, the Jawbone Icon. Available in the six styles above. Each has a cool name--(Clockwise from the top left) The Thinker, The Rogue, The Hero, The Ace,...

Aliph, the makers of the J...

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Wallpaper* City Guide iPhone App

Wallpaper* City Guide iPhone App

Phaidon’s Wallpaper* city guide print series has brought their “Top 10 Bestselling Wallpaper* City Guides” to the iPhone for $3.99 a pop. The international cities include Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Tokyo. The Berlin guide is currently being offered for free, so we suggest downloading it to get a gist of what you’ll expect in the digital versions. (via TrendLand)

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Microsoft Arc Keyboard [Best Buy Exclusive]

Although most of Microsoft's goodies were dropped ahead of CES, this keyboard didn't. It's slim and light and packs a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can be hidden in the keyboard. It's also got a few extra function keys, since we...

Although most of Microsoft...

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How Adobe Flash will Look on the Google Nexus One [Android]

Adobe Flash on Google's Nexus One [Android]

So we’ve already shown you everything there is to see about the latest Android phone from HTC and Google, but now it’s time to check out something the masses have been yearning for but have yet to actually receive. Adobe’s been working on Flash 10.1 beta for quite sometime and they’ve finally got a decent build ready and Adrian Ludwig from Adobe’s Flash team shows us how the service will render on mobile devices. The one thing to note is that the Nexus One has a very powerful processor from Qualcomm, something proves to be handy when using a power-hungry service like Flash. Guess the mobile devices of 2010 and beyond will be smart and powerful.

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