MoMo Modular Furniture

MoMo modular furniture was created by Jerónimo Fanelli, Mecha Palacio, and Bea Palacio and exhibited at Diseño De Raì in Buenos Aires. It incorporates wooden structures and copper connections in a system that can be arranged in a variety of...

MoMo modular furniture was...

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For Sale | Steve McQueen’s Sun Valley Ranch

For Sale | Steve McQueen’s Sun Valley Ranch

The folks at Airows turn us to this massive 500-acre estate owned by Steve McQueen. It features two separate structures and a massive garage. The 4,500 sq/ft Pioneer Moon Ranch was built by the King of Cool himself and “is situated next to some of the most amazing hiking and skiing in the USA. The price? Only $7.4 million—which is kind of a steal considering the land, construction, and history.”

Home for Hire by London’s Graham Atkins-Hughes

Home for Hire by London's Graham Atkins-Hughes

While some may be running short on creativity and inspiration, London photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes is thinking outside of the box. He’s got a house up for hire for use in photo shoots, bringing to light one of the most well-designed homes we’ve seen in quite sometime. Not sure on how much it costs to rent out the place but I’m sure we’ve seen this home somewhere and didn’t even know it. The grey walls and vintage feel really appeals to us, but the home’s versatility takes the cake. No one room resembles another but the overall scheme and atmosphere is consistent.TopMan’s next shoot should be at this home. Seriously.

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The Compass Pointe House in Whistler, Canada

Compass Pointe House

Located in Whistler, Canada, this contemporary property has all the bells and whistles (pun intended) needed to call this a dream home. This five bedroom beauty incorporates local stone, sandblasted fir, heated floors, open beams and floor to ceiling windows that frame a view of the village, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains and Fissile Peak. The amenities are plenty, from the gym and wine cellar to the two rooftop patios. To top things off, the home’s got a “chef’s kitchen and expansive entertainers’ patio, complete with a fireplace and hot tub.

Did we mention it’s on sale? Now, if only it were on this side of the border.

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Moomoo Architects’ I House

Moomoo Architects' I House in Poland

The I House in Łódź, Poland is unique as the chosen exterior is thermopian, which is a plastic material normally used to insulate commercial roofs. The design team at Polish firm moomoo Architects did a wonderful job designing the home, and with that magical plastic being the exterior, they were able to fit it with any color of their choosing.

When describing the home, SwipeLife tells us, “The front façade slopes up from one side to another and is partially obscured by an angled wall that allows the home to comply with strict local building codes requiring the front edge of a home to be parallel to the property edge. ”

Construction of the I House is expected to finish within the next year. More images after the jump. 

Powerhouse Company: Villa 1, Holland

Villa 1, Holland

I personally love beautiful homes in remote locations. The Villa 1 is located in the middle of a forest in Holland, making it the perfect getaway. It looks simple enough from the angle above but wait ’til you get a closer look. The interior of the home is well designed and the garage reminds us of Tony Starks’ home in Iron Man.

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Raumati Beach House by Herriot + Melhuish Architecture


Located in Raumati, New Zealand, this beach house is discreetly folded between neighbors, giving way to complete privacy. The house features a few rooms, but rest assured they’re large in size. All year living is a logical reality in this case, as getting cozy in front of the open fire is definitely a feasible option.

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Beach Houses by Sommarnöjen


Stockholm-based Sommarnöjen is a company with the tagline of “Small house. Great architects.” To prove their point, we’re bringing light to their beach cabins. Remodelista tells us that they “commissioned a trio of well-respected Swedish architects—Sandell Sandberg Architect, Kjellander + Sjober Architect Office, and Tham & Videgard Hansson Architects—to design 15-meter square cabins that can be used as guesthouses, saunas, offices, or studios. The houses are built by hand using local and sustainable materials and outfitted with fixtures and furniture by companies like Electrolux, Dux, and Kasthall.”

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