Best Hotel Bars on the East Coast

We're continuing our series of showcasing some of the best hotel bars in the country, this time hitting the East Coast. Let me be the first to say that making this list was not easy. When you've got cities like...

We're continuing our series ...

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Miami in the 70’s: Roen’s Spring 2009


The Fashionisto turns us to Roen‘s Spring 2009 collection. This conceptual line is inspired by the Miami of the 1970’s and focuses on a lifestyle of enjoyment and partying. Now that we think about it, that sounds just like the Miami of 2009. Their Spring lookbook “capture the realistic atmosphere of guys having a blast, but the images fail to show the clothes in detail. Guess, this one is for the fans.”

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Base: Miami’s premiere design store


We recently took a much-needed vacation in Miami and apart from the beautiful women and chest-waxing jackasses you’d expect, we also came across a culture store you wouldn’t expect to see in America’s Spring Break capital. Or would you? Miami’s Lincold Road is enriched with plenty of dining choices and clothing stores, great nightlife and BASE.