Time to buy? Microsoft stock hits 10-Year low

This is right about the time when the blame game gets cracked open at Microsoft Headquarters.  The stock hit it's 10-Year low today after analysts cut Microsoft's 2009 revenue forecasts.  The reason?  The projections were reduced due to "downward pressure...

This is right about the ti...

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Huntington, West Virginia named Nation’s most fattest and unhealthiest

Should we be surprised?  The home of the West Virginia Hot Dog Festival and an event called Chilifest is named the most disgusting unhealthiest place in the United States.  The Center for Disease Control named the country made this conclusion after finding that nearly half the town is obese and the city leads the nation in a variety of illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease and even tooth loss.  One second, I have to go throw up.

Nissan GT-R: 2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year

The Nissan GT-R, aka Godzilla, made its way into the US not too long ago and is now crowned Motor Trend’s car of the year.  Nissan’s beauty competed with the BMW 135i, Acura TL, Jaguar XF, Hyundai Genesis, Pontiac G8, and the Dodge Challenger.  It prevailed and with good reason, no?

“The GT-R puts Nissan on a map that thus far only designated Maranello, Sant’ Agata, Munich, and Stuttgart as points of interest,” said Motor Trend editor Ron Kiino. ”Well, it’s time to stick a tack on Tochigi. In the kingdom of supercars, the GT-R positively belongs. Be it comparing 0-to-60 sprints, quarter-mile times, 60-to-0 braking, or lateral acceleration, the GT-R is one of the world’s best.”

Check Motor Trend’s video below and then check out the complete article.

Made in Italy: Faliero Sarti

Who better to keep you warm (and fashionable) this winter than a company that’s supplied textiles to the likes of Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood?  Faliero Sarti has been producing out of Italy for over fifty years.

These scarves are all completely hand finished to help give each one unique effects through the fabric and construction. Each one should differ slightly from one another.  Head to BlackBird to pick one up.

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Dress Codes | Plaids by The New York Times

The NYTimes has an interesting piece on plaid and how much it’s spread like a wildfire since the “cool kids” wore it during the summer.  Now, it’s gone from the cargos to the vests, shirts, and much more.  We’re definitely not complaining.  We’re paying hommage.  Checkthe images below and definitely take a look at David Colman’s piece in the NYTimes.

Blu-ray releases: Week of November 17th

“Wallllllll-eeeeeee!”  Yep, it’s coming to your nearest blu-ray player this week.  There’s also a “Chick Flick” 3-pack hitting blu-ray, which I’m sure alot of you guys want to pick up for some much-needed brownie points.  Check the full list after the jump.

7 ways to decode your girlfriend’s text message

Mobile Maven has a post up that every man should take a look at.  They’ve got 9 ways to decode your girlfriend’s text message.  Read it, study it, practice it.  If there’s one thing women hate, it’s when you don’t know what they’re thinking.  If you know she’s mad, and you ask if she’s mad, you’re likely to anger her more.

The unfortunate thing is that it’s more difficult to read a woman when you’re not in her presence.  Read below to figure out what she’s really saying.  We like the 9 ways, but we’re going to condense it a little.  Get your notepad ready:

1. Periods. Any time she writes a period at the end of the text (when the otherwise general lack of words would suffice to show that the thought is over) she’s one of two things: demanding, or pissed off. Probably at you. If you’re getting a lot of them, it’s a safe bet that you’re in trouble.

2. Exclamation Point! This is a universal sign of excitement, and it means she wants you to immediately picture her smiling and eager. Generally a good thing, unless she’s got energy to beat out the energizer bunny.

3. Question Mark? Obviously, questions need appropriate punctuation, especially in texts were there is no tone. Frequent question marks-especially when there isn’t really a question, like ‘We’ll meet up later?’ means she’s harboring some serious insecurities about your relationship.

4. Later. If she’s a buddy, ‘later’ is totally standard. If she’s your leading lady, ‘later’ is not good. Think about it-there’s ‘see you later’, ‘talk to you later’, and all sorts of ways of making plans in very casual ways, but she’s going out of her way to be brief and noncommittal. Not a good sign for you.

Giselle Bundchen in Elle’s December 2008 issue

Giselle Giselle.  Only a few words can describe the eighth wonder of the world, because the rest won’t do her justice.  She’s got looks that could take your breath away in a millisecond.  For the first time, we’re more concerned about a woman that isn’t on the cover of the magazine (sorry, Carrie).

Giselle Bundchen steals the show with her spread in next month’s issue of Elle. Check the rest of the shots after the jump.