Unclutter Mac App for Boosting Productivity

unclutter-mac-app-notes-files-2015-1 If your desktop is a complete mess, you might want to give the Unclutter Mac app a shot. It’s aimed at organizing your notes, pasteboard clips, and files. Everything’s tucked away so it’s sure to boost your productivity and keep the OCD at bay. The latest version of the app lets you create as many notes as you need, drop files inside folders in the Files panel and search the contents of the Notes and Files panels. Unclutter features instant access even in full screen-mode, a clipboard manager, cards which you can drag and stick down on top of other windows and auto-synchronization of all your Mac devices using Dropbox. Unclutter has full multi-display and retina display support and can be opened by simply moving the cursor to the top of the screen and scrolling down. Items can also be stored in Unclutter from other applications by dragging them to the top of your screen.  The upgraded version of the app includes bug fixes, increased performance and tweaks to the program which make it run better and faster.

Download the app on the Apple iTunes store.


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