Take An Even Closer Look at Mission E, the Porsche Electric Car

An Updated Look at Mission E, the Porsche Electric Car

Earlier this year, Porsche rocked the motoring world by announcing its Mission E concept. Basically, Mission E is the Porsche electric car challenging Tesla’s claim to the e-vehicle industry’s throne. Over the past few months, we’ve been teased with tantalizing details of what the car will be when it (hopefully) rolls out in 2020. So far, we know it’s going to look good, go real fast (zero to 62 in 3.5), and will have heavily driver-oriented interiors.

Now, we’re being treated to an even closer look at the Porsche electric car. We now know that the Mission E will go 300+ miles on a single charge, powered by its 600hp, 800-volt electric drive system. What’s more, the interior controls will feature eye-tracking and gesture controls, with holographic and virtual displays offering unparalleled control.

Watch the updated Porsche Mission E concept video below.

[embedvideo id=”144487336″ website=”vimeo”]


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