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Leroy Smith: The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan

Adverblog turns us to, a site that's dedicated to Leroy Smith, the kid that took the last spot for the varsity basketball team at Emsley A. Laney High School, leaving Michael Jordan out and quite possibily pushing him to become the…

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The Moment: ‘The Digital Ramble’ on Basketball

The Moment has a periodic piece called "The Digital Ramble" which explores aesthetic topics through materials found online. The most recent topic happens to be basketball, in all its wonderous glory. Well, sort of. The piece discusses Michael Jordan and how he…

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Mission Redeem: Accomplished

This year's Olympic Games in Beijing have proven to be memorable for many reasons.  Michael Phelps became the poster boy for the United States as well as the Games.  But there's been a back story that many have been following.  Tonight, the…

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