Inside Look | NBA Europe Headquarters in London


Many a basketball fan has probably dreamed of working for the NBA. And for hoops lovers with an appreciation of Europe and a thirst for great design, there’s probably no better workplace than the headquarters of NBA Europe in London. The Daily Street got to take a special tour of the headquarters, returning with a portfolio of pictures showing off its awesome interiors.

Appropriately enough, NBA Europe’s digs have a rich basketball theme, with an extra focus on the legends of the game. Meeting rooms are named after Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordon. Each one is decked out in that legend’s team colors and features memorabilia and quotes from them on the walls. In a nice touch, the player’s name and jersey number is on the door.

Elsewhere in the 10,000-square-foot office is an open recreation area that features a full-size regulation “zone” as well as a large-screen plasma TV set up to play NBA 2K15. If that’s not enough to prompt a hoops fan to fly to London and submit their résumé, every employee has their own jersey hung over their chair. Obviously, it pays to be part of the NBA team.

Source: The Daily Street


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