SpaceX Unveils Vintage Mars Posters


SpaceX has unveiled vintage posters about journeying to the red planet.   The three vintage-styled posters depict SpaceX’s goals in playful caricatures, which look like they could have been featured in comic books or advertisements released half a century ago. The ‘Olympus Mons’ poster depicts the highest mountain and volcano on Mars, referring to it as the highest peak in our solar system. The ‘Valles Marineris’ poster shows a series of canyons on Mars, and the ‘Phobos & Deimos’ poster alludes to Mars’s two moons.

The aerospace manufacturer and space transport company was founded by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in 2002 with an objective of reducing space transportation costs so as to enable the future exploration and colonization of Mars.

Take a look at the three posters above and below, and visit the SpaceX website for more details on what the company has planned for Mars and space exploration in the future.


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