Eric Clapton’s Platinum Patek Philippe 2499

Eric Clapton's Platinum Patek Philippe 2499

For your viewing pleasure, Ben over at Hodinkee gives us a personal, first-hand account of Eric Clapton’s Platinum Patek Philippe 2499. For those not familiar, this watch is seen by many in the watch collecting world as the holy grail of vintage watches. We’re talking one of two in the entire World and the only one in the hands of someone outside of Patek Philippe. It’s a story nearly 25 years in the making and the Hodinkee team have given us video, imagery and words to put the value of this beautiful Patek Phlippe Reference 2499/100 perpetual calendar chronograph in platinum into perspective ahead of its sale on November 12th in Geneva by Christie’s. Video below with more info over at

Vintage luggage by Louis Vuitton, Dunhill and Hermès at Christie’s


On May 19th, Christie’s London South Kensington branch will be holding an auction for the ages. Vintage luggage from Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Dunhill will be on display but not for long we’re guessing. Some things are just so timeless that they will be picked up at first sight. 

“Harking back to a golden age of travel, vintage luggage encapsulates the glamor and decadence of a bygone era when journeying to a foreign land involved adventure, romance and style,” says Christie’s’ Director of Textiles Pat Frost. “These exquisitely crafted pieces evoke a time when the journey was as important as the destination. With iconic names including Louis Vuitton, Dunhill and Hermes leading the field and remaining very collectible they not only functional but design objects in their own right.”

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