iPhone OS 4.0 Delivers Multitasking, iBooks and App-Switching

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 [Multitasking, Unified Inbox, iBooks]

For anyone that missed today’s major unveiling of the Apple iPhone’s 4.0 OS, we’ve got a quick breakdown. Some key enhancements to look forward to include the highly anticipated multitasking feature. The masses have been asking for it and now Steven Jobs and Co. will deliver. You’ll be able to run multiple apps at the same time, like using Skype to make a call and getting directions from TomTom’s GPS navigation app. You can run other apps like Pandora and check your email, without having to worry about the song going on pause. This feature will only be limited to the iPhone 3GS, while the 3G and Edge versions will be left out in the cold. Sucks for those guys. 

Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase

Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase [iPhone + MacBook Cases]

With the continuation of Curated by Arkitip, artist and designer Evan Hecox displays his fascination with the urban landscape on Incase products, presented as the sixth installment of the well-received collaborative effort. “Available today, the Evan Hecox series has been issued in three limited editions: London, New York and Tokyo. As the project’s first artist to present a series of products, Hecox brings to life nontraditional depictions of the famed cities and their associated national emblems on our signature MacBook Sleeve and iPhone Slider Case. Hecox filters the mundane into captivating illustrations of London, New York and Tokyo seemingly filled with narratives beyond the images themselves, and applies them to MacBook Sleeves. The Hecox Slider Cases complement the three Sleeves, bearing instantly recognizable national symbols of the three cities. Hecox re-imagined the symbols through his stylistic approach, resulting in artistic interpretations that are both familiar and new.”

All products from Hecox for Curated by Arkitip are available now at Arkitip, Incase, better boutiques and Apple Store locations worldwide.

Video and images after the jump. (via Hypebeast)

Now Available: GQ iPhone App

The whole world's gone digital but I've never stopped subscribing to GQ Magazine. Why? Not sure, actually. Maybe because it's iconic, or the fact that it's always up-to-date even when guys like us are reporting on a daily basis. And...

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André for Incase Curated by Arkitip

André for Incase Curated by Arkitip

We recently turned you to a sneak peek at Arkitip’s latest collaboration with Incase, featuring Parisian artist André. The MacBook Sleeve + iPhone case combo has officially been outed and we’ve never been the ones to sport any French emblems but that may soon change. The signature Incase 15” Sleeve and Slider Case feature André’s distinctive “Mr. A” stick figure character once seen everywhere from city walls to high fashion magazines and collaborations. Both pieces are available today at goincase.com and arkitip.com, and also at the Carrousel du Louvre Apple Store, in Paris, France.

Hit the jump to see the full press release as well as more images of the sleeve and slider case. (via Hypebeast

OWLE Bubo Video Rig for iPhone

From The Awesomer, we get this iPhone upgrade that accepts standard 37 mm lenses and turns your precious into a stable recording platform. OWLE Bubo Video Rig features hand grips, a Coldshoe mount, mic and four tripod mounts. Buy It: $99.95...

From The Awesomer, we get ...

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Gucci Delivers Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle with iPhone App

Gucci Delivers Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle with iPhone AppWith Gucci’s traveling ICON-TEMPORARY sneaker store with Mark Ronson officially open, the fashion house has also decided to launch an iPhone app that covers more than just fashion. The app allows the user to access exclusive Gucci products, unique playlists, videos, fashion shows, news, events, latest collections, store listings and the ability to mix their own music.

The Mark Ronson collaboration is now open at 43 Crosby Street in NYC but will appear in Miami on December 1st and in London and Tokyo some time in 2010. Gucci iPhone App screenshots after the jump.