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This Japanese Home is Made For A Photographer

From FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects comes this Shiga, Japan-based home made with a minimalist approach and a focus on maximizing natural light, making it ideal for a photographer. The construction is mainly of mortar and galvanized steel sheet which helps to reflect dull…

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Leica M10 is the Modern Minimalist’s Digital Camera

Introducing the Leica M10, a 24MP, full-frame, manual focus camera from the iconic German brand. If you take the right steps, less can become more and the Leica M10 embodies this. With less buttons on the back, video recording gone, the function…

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Givenchy Debuts Spring/Summer Collection From ‘Mars’

To showcase their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Riccardo Tisci sent the Givenchy squad to Mars (a desert) for an epic advertising campaign film. In an interview with Dazed, Tisci explains that the campaign film, shot by legendary photography duo Mert and Marcus, is about "a…

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Leica Finally Releases Its Sofort Instant Camera

Leica's newest Sofort instant camera was made for the spontaneous photographer in you, fitting into the most random adventures and experiences. This new range of cameras allows for fast and fun image capturing found in conventional instant cameras, but with the hi-tech…

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Hover Camera is A Face-Tracking Drone

Introducing Hover Camera, a lightweight drone that will help take you from behind the camera and put you in front. All you have to do is hit the power button, throw it up, and watch it balance itself. From there, you can…

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