Leica SOFORT 2 | Brand’s Instant Camera Blends Analog Feel with Digital Precision

Leica expands its camera catalog by introducing the SOFORT 2, the versatile hybrid instant camera that seamlessly blends traditional analog charm with modern digital convenience.

The Leica SOFORT 2 boasts a compact and ergonomic design, measuring 123mm x 86mm x 44mm, and weighs approximately 320g (without a film pack and with the lens cap). It also has a 3-inch TFT LCD display, ISO sensitivity ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 1600, a built-in flash, Bluetooth 4.2 LE compatibility, 100 instant prints on a full charge, and 2-3 hour charging time via USB.

At its core, the SOFORT 2 features a high-quality CMOS sensor with a 1/5-inch size and an RGB color filter. This sensor produces images with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels (4.9MP) and operates in the sRGB colorspace. The lens on the SOFORT 2 is a Leica Summar 1:2/2.4mm, equivalent to approximately 28mm in the 35mm format. It offers a versatile aperture range from f/2 to f/16 with automatic exposure control, 10 film styles, and 10 lens effects.

The Leica SOFORT 2’s instant print function can produce images from its internal and inserted memory cards. The last 50 prints are stored and can be reprinted, and when connected to the Leica FOTOS app, photos can be sent to the camera for printing. The camera uses Sofort color film packs in various styles, including warm white and Neo Gold, producing images with dimensions of 86mm x 54mm and an image size of 62mm x 46mm.

The Leica SOFORT 2 seamlessly integrates with the Leica FOTOS app, allowing an easy transfer to social media platforms. It also allows users to print images from their smartphone or other Leica cameras directly through the FOTOS app.

The Leica SOFORT 2 package includes a USB cable, a carrying strap, a quick start guide, and a lens cap. Available accessories for purchase include the Leica SOFORT color film pack (mini) in neo gold and warm white, the Leica SOFORT color film duo pack (mini) in warm white, Magnet Frame-Set in black or natural, Marker Metal Box, Picture Metal Box-Set, Picture Frame-Set in three color variants, carrying straps in two color variants, two wrist strap variants, a small recycled polyester Equipment Bag, a recycled polyester Hip Bag, and Crossbody Bags in two sizes.

Leica’s SOFORT 2 is expected to retail for $389 and will be available starting November 9th at all Leica stores and official retailers, and the Leica webstore.


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