Blackbird x Alden Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot

Blackbird x Alden Christopherson's Creamery Milkman Boot

Designed by Blackbird in collaboration with Alden of New England, the Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot brings back memories of a neighborhood icon – the milkman. Inspired by the shiny simple uniform boots that so many delivery drivers wore back in the day when milk and groceries were delivered, the boot pulls additional inspiration from Christopherson’s Creamery, a local Ballard dairy shop, just around the corner from where Blackbird is located today.

Blackbird suggests you polish yours to a high gloss and wear them with sharply tailored trousers, or beat them up, lace them half-way, and wear them with whatever. This boot is cut sharp to accommodate a number of looks and built tough as nails for a life of hard, dedicated service.

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The Field House: Blackbird’s Pop-Up Shop

The Field House: Blackbird's Pop-Up Shop

Blackbird, Seattle’s finest retail shop, has just launched The Field House, a 3-month pop-up in the heart of the city’s Ballard neighborhood. “The Field House is reminiscent of general stores that were once at the heart of rural towns across America. Its shelves are stocked with a wide variety of merchandise, including classic work wear, vintage goods, basic groceries and candies, flowers, and perfumes and candles. It captures the history, geography, and folklore of times past, when goods were less disposable and had more meaning, a time when people canned their own food and took a moment to converse with strangers.” The store will sell Christmas trees for the holidays and will serve a “cup-a-joe” from an insulated Stanley thermos.

Labels for men and women on-hand include RRL, Filson, Pendleton, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Alden and April 77 to name a few. As said before, the shop is a 3-month experiment at which point Blackbird will decide whether to make it a permanent part of the neighborhood. The shop’s located at 5465 Leary Avenue NW in Seattle, and will be open from 10am to 7pm daily.

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Dutch Bike Co. Seattle


Blackbird turns us to Seattle-based Dutch Bike Co. and their imported bicycles. They specialize in crating and shipping fully assembled bikes directly to your door. From time you make the purchase, you can be riding your new bike within a week. European city bikes have such a refined design that only a few American-based bike shops have been able to achieve. Dutch Bike’s approach is unique, hence the reason we think they’ll be around for a long time to come.

We were also happy to hear that the company’s expanding with a New York shop coming soon to join their Seattle and Chicago locations.

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