G.R.P. Knitwear Factory

G.R.P. Knitwear Factory Tour Carmignano - Florence, Italy

For those not in the loop, Jamie of The Standard Edition has been on a European tour for the ages. He’s taken a liking to Italy particularly and understandably so. There’s a lot to take in from beautiful architecture, well-dressed people, and the abundance of textile factories tucked away in the villages of Florence and other surrounding cities. Among them is that of G.R.P. Knitwear, a Florence-based maker of fine knits and other men’s offerings. They first opened doors back in 1973 as a source for other companies but quickly established their own name in a few years time. G.R.P. Knitwear is like an unsung hero of sorts as they’ve made pieces for more notable labels like Engineered Garments, Beams, Svenson, and many others. A few words from Jamie on the look and feel of the space:

Monocle | The First Five Years

Monocle | The First Five Years Video

Five years ago Monocle hit the newsstands. Today it’s at the heart of a very modern media company – but also one with some old-school values. The publication has evolved from having nineteen employees to over seventy now and representation in over 100 countries. The type of work they do ranges from print to video to radio. Yes, radio. Monocle also launched a television series on Bloomberg TV. Their reach is far and wide and the content is as rich and newsworthy in its 51st issues as it was back in issue 2007 when issue No. 1 hit newsstands. Here is a film that chronicles the first five years.

Dries Van Noten Leather Bag

Dries Van Noten Leather Bag for Spring 2012

Dries Van Noten delivers this leather bag for the upcoming season. The crisp brown and beige horizontal pattern works well with the brown leather handles as does the navy canvas upper. The inside’s lined with brown canvas and features a pocket for all your delicate documents.

Killspencer Moss Leather Weekender 2.0

Killspencer Moss Leather Weekender 2.0 for 2012

Killspencer has released some new items to start the year off proper, including the latest rendition of their Weekender 2.0 duffle bag. It’s delivered in Moss leather and has a padded laptop compartment as well as a waterproof zip pocket. It comes in six different material options. It’s available now through Killspencer for $595.

London Undercover x A Continuous Lean ‘New York’ Umbrella

London Undercover x A Continuous Lean "New York" Umbrella

London Undercover really knows how to stay relevant. They’ve been dropping some really impressive umbrellas, all made with people that have a story to tell, one that shows through the final product. This time, they’ve teamed up with Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean for the “New York” umbrella. This is their second drop and features a maple wood handle/shaft, industrial strength frame and a plaid waterproof canopy.

hard graft Flat Pack

hard graft Flat Pack

The folks at hard graft have released the Flat Pack, a larger, more versatile version of the Personal Pouch. On the outside is the caramel tanned Italian lather juxtaposed with sand colored Italian suede. On the inside, you’ve got room for your iPad, MacBook Air 11″ and other essentials like your wallet and phone. There’s durable, thick padding between the goods and your body to ensure the contents are safe and secure.

nonnative Dweller Daypack

nonnative Dweller Daypack

From Japanese label nonnative comes this daypack in an impressive colorway. The dusty blue shell works well with the tan leather base and trimmings. The double metal zipper features a long leather zip pull to protect the goods on the inside. Speaking of which, the bag features an extra external compartment to accompany the main internal compartment.

ISAORA x Porter Canoe Pack

ISAORA x Porter Canoe Pack

Here we have a look at a special collaboration between Isaora and Porter. This canoe pack is made in Japan by legendary bag maker Yoshida & Co., and inspired by the ‘Poirer Pack’, a bag that was designed in the late 1800s by French-Canadian Camille Poirer. The bag’s designed all the elements of traveling outdoors like a thick canvas shell and flat square shape to keep things stable. This Canoe Pack features plenty of modern elements such as its engineered shape, internal iPad pouch, black felt padding, 2 side pockets, and zigzag stitching.

What makes it even more special is that $200 from each bag sold will go to the Japanese Red Cross to help with ongoing efforts relating to the devastating tsunami that hit the country.

Maison Martin Margiela 22 Travel Bag

Maison Martin Margiela 22 Travel Bag

Here’s a weekend size bag from Maison Martin Margiela 22, one that’s made from water repellent cotton/polyester and fitted some fine details to make it worth the dollars. The dark blue shell just looks great year ’round and coupling it with silver zippers really helps to give this Italian-made bag an inviting aesthetic.

Afghanistan – Touch Down in Flight Short Film

Afghanistan - Touch Down in Flight Short Film

From Augustin Pictures, one half of whom spent 3 years living in the country, comes Afghanistan, a short film that looks to shed light on the beauty of the country rather than what the political media as delivered in the past decade or so. The travels span highlighted in this video span from Kabul to Mazar-e Sharif, locations the producers chose were the least probmatic though this doesn’t mean incidents didn’t occur. Enjoy the clip below.