Blockbuster joining the already competitive movie set-top-box market

Apple TV, VUDU, Roku, and the XBOX 360 seem to have a pretty solid grip on the movie set-top-box market, but that’s not stopping Blockbuster from swimming with the sharks. For a “limited time, it will be offering the 2Wire-built MediaPoint player for free with the “advance rental of 25 first-run movies, TV shows, foreign or classic films from Blockbuster On-Demand (previously Movielink) for $99.” Rentals are going to be $1.99 to $3.99 each after that.

To gain market share, Blockbuster’s making it so you aren’t required to have a Blockbuster subscription. The MediaPoint player has two USB ports, an SD slot, Ethernet / WiFi, and an HDMI port.

Is it worth it?

Thanks engadget


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