S/S 2009: Top Man


Although Top Man’s NYC debut has been delayed a few times, the company is showing no signs of slowing down. British designer James Long and Top Man’s creative director Gordon Richardson collaborated on the S/S 09 collection and we’re pleased with the results. The duo creates a sophisticated line that embodies timeless design and a more softer and relaxed feel.

More images from Top Man’s Spring Summer 2009 line after the jump.

spring-summer-2009-top-man-1 spring-summer-2009-top-man-2

spring-summer-2009-top-man-3 spring-summer-2009-top-man-4

spring-summer-2009-top-man-5 spring-summer-2009-top-man-6

spring-summer-2009-top-man-7 spring-summer-2009-top-man-8

spring-summer-2009-top-man-9 spring-summer-2009-top-man-10

spring-summer-2009-top-man-11 spring-summer-2009-top-man-12

spring-summer-2009-top-man-13 spring-summer-2009-top-man-14

spring-summer-2009-top-man-15 spring-summer-2009-top-man-16

spring-summer-2009-top-man-17 spring-summer-2009-top-man-18



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