A Will Ferrell Lifetime Film? ‘A Deadly Adoption’ Trailer Released

A Deadly Adoption 1

It sounds crazy, but it’s true: We’re getting a Will Ferrell Lifetime film. The teaser trailer for ‘A Deadly Adoption’ has just been released, and it looks like a gripping thriller that only the great Will Ferrell – and comedy vet Kirsten Wiig – can pull off. Actually, ‘A Deadly Adoption’ is a parody of Lifetime’s usual fare of dramatic thrillers. The film is meant to celebrate Lifetime’s 25th anniversary in a memorable, tongue-in-cheek manner. ‘A Deadly Adoption’ is a story about a wealthy couple who takes in a pregnant woman to shelter her during her final stages of pregnancy, in hopes of adopting the baby later on.

Once you’re done shaking your head, watch the teaser trailer below:

[embedvideo id=”ZXzoTZtKY0k” website=”youtube”]


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