‘Streaks’ Helps You Optimize Your Mental and Physical Health


There is no better way to reach your goal of getting and staying healthy than by forming healthy habits. This goes beyond healthy eating and exercise routines. It also includes mental exercises like reading, and ensuring mental stability by staying in touch with loved ones and nurturing your relationships.

Streaks will help you set goals, which will be simplified into daily milestones. These milestones will in turn become habits that will form the new, healthier you.

The app lets you pick six tasks that you want to turn into daily habits. This can include simple things like walking the dog, flossing your teeth, or eating that apple a day to keep the doctor away. Each time you finish a task, your streak is extended and you get closer to forming a new habit. Every time you break the chain, the streak will be reset to zero days and you will have to start all over again.

Take a look at the Streaks website for more info and download it at the App Store.


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