Renault’s Alpenglow is a Concept Hybrid Sportscar for Tomorrow

Alpenglow is the name of a concept sports car from Renault’s Alpine division, unveiled online on October 13th and at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. Called Alpenglühen in German, this concept Alpine car symbolizes the brand’s tone and inspiration for both competition and production models in the future.

The concept car was designed with an eye towards sustainability to include partly recycled carbon fiber materials. With its hydrogen-powered internal combustion motor, the idea is to fuse clean emissions with race car performance. 

The single-seater Alpenglow is flanked by two hydrogen reservoirs located on each side of the teardrop-shaped cockpit. We can see a transparent rear wing, appearing almost weightless but helps to reduce drag and generate downforce. It is paired with transparent rimmed wheels that create snowflake patterns and a triangle located in the middle of the rims features hydrogen and the Alpine logo.

A blue-tinted see-through helmet is featured in the cockpit. The interior sports a Formula 1 racing inspired steering wheel with an ‘Overtake’ button for an extra power boost, two transparent, backlit paddle shifters and two selectors with controls that include ‘Regenerative Braking’ and ‘Track Control’.

At five meters long, just over two meters wide, and at less than one meter high, the Alpenglow has dream car proportions, signaling the future of Alpine models.


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