The Bentley Continental GT V8 S Takes the Pacific Coast

In a recent trip to LA, our friends at Bentley tossed us the keys to the Continental GT V8 S, a sportier version of the British automaker’s GT V8. The V8 S dishes out more power from the same V8 engine under the hood while also getting a refined suspension as well as some much welcomed design tweaks. And in Santa Monica and surrounding areas, the GT just belonged. The color choice was Bentley’s iconic Kingfisher blue, a finish that turned heads at every possible moment, whether it was at a stop sign, red light, or while we were cruising the Pacific Coast Highway. The GT V8 S delivers on many fronts — performance, design, and comfort being the three that initially stand out. So let’s jump in and explore this beauty a bit more.

Bentley’s racing heritage lives here

We’ve been fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of many Bentleys in the past from the ISR to the Mulsanne. Each one was purpose built. Some have been just downright powerful and others had the power but also added the best Bentley has ever offered in terms of luxury. The GT V8 S is a perfect balance between both but believe us when we say it’s as agile as we’ve ever seen from Crewe’s finest. This really comes from the reworked suspension and of course the twin-turbo V8 that churns out 521 horses and 502 pound-feet of torque. Yes, many cars out there can push out the power but they can’t put it to the ground like this one can. The 0 to 60 time on the V8 S comes in at 4.3 seconds though we’ve heard it can do it in under 4. And the real fun comes in when you can comfortably take turns at higher speeds. That’s where the 10mm drop in ride height with spring rate bumps and retuned dampers come in. It’s got a stiffer ride and recalibrated steering to really give the driver a stronger connection with the wheel. What were really liked was how responsive the 8-speed transmission was when slapping through gears via the paddle shifters. Skip the coffee in the morning, just take this thing on the highway and we’re guaranteeing your mornings are going to be more productive than ever before.

No expense spared

Bentley’s known not only for making vehicles with impeccable craftsmanship but there’s also a strong sense of individuality as you’re able to really go to town with picking different options. Our V8 S had every option available. We’re talking that gorgeous Beluga black front splitter, the side sills and rear diffuser, active rear spoiler, as well as the dual chrome “figure-eight” exhaust tips. Oh, and you’re looking for added stopping power, the carbon ceramic discs with red brake calipers should do the trick. That red will surely stand out behind the 21-inch alloys we were sitting on.

Make yourself at home

Inside, you’re literally sitting in the lap of luxury. Beluga black leather’s seen throughout the interior, from the seats and steering wheel to the dashboard, doors, and headliner. Given the Kingfisher blue on the outside, it’s only right we see some of that detailing on the interior as well. And we do with the iconic ‘B’ stitched into the headrests as well as contrasting stitching in key areas, steering wheel included. If you opt for the Mulliner Driving Specification, you’re greeted with diamond-quilted, perforated leather seats and door panels, indented leather headliner, and drilled alloy pedals. There’s a good amount of technology inside the cockpit as well, including the Naim audio system, rearview camera, neck warmer, and much more.

The Bentley Continental GT V8 S starts at a base price of $199,225 and works up from there. Head into a Bentley showroom and appreciate it for all its glory.


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