Introducing Electroloom – The World’s First 3D Fabric Printer


Buying your clothes may soon become a thing of the past. You’ll be able to make them at home yourself, and you won’t need sewing skills to do it. Electroloom is the world’s first 3D fabric printer, which allows users to design their own fabrics and print them according to specification.

The first model can print a ladies’ skirt, a beanie, and tank tops.  There are also numerous developments in the works which will allow Electroloom to print a much wider range of clothing.

The Electroloom Developer Kit allows you to create clothing using no more than simple CAD skills to design patterns, and the printer will do the rest. The new technology aims to reduce the clothing manufacturing process into a single step instead of sending raw materials to factories where they undergo a long process before becoming the garments we wear.

The printer currently works with a custom polyester/cotton blend, which allows the material to bend and move naturally.  The flexible poly-cotton is light and ideal for clothing.

Go to Kickstarter to back the project and get yourself closer to making your personalized threads from the comfort of your own home.


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